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Spark-free burning firewood, made exclusively from 100% sustainable sources. Only best quality birch wood is used for production.
Free of mould, mildew and pests due to kiln drying. Comes either in 21L carry-on bag with specially developed handle, or in 40L bag for heavier consumption.

The 21L packaging is designed for B2B market. These handy bundles are perfect for Supermarkets, gas stations and DIY shops. People can easily grab it- being on road, heading to camping or romantic evening. Enjoy the fire with five star logs!

For shipments standard 64 pcs or large (double stacked) 128 pcs pallets are used (for 21L bags). Packaging capacities are indicated to fit US/FIN pallet size and 40HC container.

Attractive 5starlogs pallets create sales on supermarkets, gas stations and DIY shops world wide. 5Starlogs provides uniquely tight and correct packaging!

Perfect for a fireplace, fire pit, camping and cooking
Available in various unique packaging

100% natural

– For technical details, download specification sheet (PDF)
– For full product range, download catalogue (PDF)

  • Quiet and spark-free burn
  • Low moisture level: below 18%
  • Easy to light and easy to use
  • Environmentally sourced
  • Cozy fireplace atmosphere guaranteed
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