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High volumes of top quality, easy to use products.

A variety of unique products and convenient packaging.

Satisfied clients from the US, Scandinavia, Asia and Western Europe

Our Standards

Kroonipuu OÜ follows the strictest quality requirements, and all 5Starlogs branded goods are produced in accordance with the US and Norwegian standards. We only use wood from sustainable sources, harvested from Estonian Forest Council (FSC sertified sources). During period from Feb 21, 2014 until May 01, 2014, European Social Fund co-financed Kroonipuu OÜ's project "Development of export brand". Project was supported by Enterprise Estonia Design Grant.

Kroonipuu OÜ is a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Our Products

We ensure that all our products are free of pests, mould and mildew so as to maintain the highest qualities for our retailers. We use mostly birch trees for our products, because of their high energy release value, ease of lighting up, quiet and spark-free burn, and great aesthetic appearance.

Our product range includes uniquely designed products, with patents registered or pending; high-volume firewood products of birch and alder; and decorative accessories made of wood.

We constantly work on product development, in order to offer our customers best quality innovative products, with user-friendly packaging and best characteristics.

On the US market, 5Starlogs star products are distributed as Light n' Go Bonfire Logs.