BBQ Pellets

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High quality pellets, made exclusively from alder as a special product for BBQ and grill admirers. It is perfect for use in automatic BBQ grills, where you can choose either to add smoke to your delicious meal or use pellets as fire material. Alder smoke adds a delicate, smooth and distinguished slightly sweet flavour to all foods suitable for BBQ and grill. It is especially great with fish and seafood, and adds an exquisite touch to chicken and pork as well. This is what a BBQ chef would recommend!

Comes in bulk 20lbs/ 9kg package.

Ideal for use in BBQ, grills, and smokers
Smooth taste and unique smoke

100% natural

– For technical details, download specification sheet (PDF)
– For full product range, download catalogue (PDF)

  • Most convenient and universal BBQ pellets
  • Premium quality 100% alder
  • Produced as individual product from sustainable sources
  • Easy to light and easy to use
  • Certified product
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