A-Log TM

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Innovative horizontal yule log bonfire

Improved product on the international market, truly Nordic experience. Special design enables to use this bonfire both outdoors and indoors, with horizontal placement ideally suitable for fireplaces. Suites perfectly for cozy evenings by a fireplace, but also good for camping with its prolonged burning time. Catches fire with just one match, with no additional fire-starting materials needed. Comes equipped with handle for handy transportation. Made from 100% natural high quality birch. Burning time upto 2 hour.

100% natural

-US design patent, EU registered design
-A-LOG is a registered trademark of Kroonipuu OÜ

– For technical details, download specification sheet (PDF)
– For full product range, download catalogue (PDF)

  • New and unique product (US design patent)
  • Easy to transport and easy to use
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Perfect for a fireplace
  • Great long-lasting atmosphere guaranteed
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